Nourish your soul with the body of Big B.

❶ Set up a crypto wallet with access to the Base network. Coinbase Wallet is recommended. If you are using another wallet such as MetaMask, follow these steps to connect to Base.

❷ Send Ethereum (ETH) to your wallet on the Base network, or send to your wallet via the Ethereum network then bridge to Base using Coinbase Wallet’s in-wallet bridge, Orbiter or Synapse.

❸ Head to LlamaSwap with this link that has an ETH to TYBG swap preloaded. LlamaSwap is an aggregator that swaps via multiple sites at once, giving you the best price. Make sure your wallet is connected on the Base network.

TYBG contract address: 0x0d97F261b1e88845184f678e2d1e7a98D9FD38dE

❹ Select how much you want to swap for TYBG, click Swap and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

If you need help, just ask in the Telegram chat.


Any association of Base God with real life people and companies is purely coincidental. Base God, the TYBG token, and the Base Gods NFT collection is a parody meme cryptocurrency project with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. The Base God project is 100% community led and there is no formal team or roadmap. This is a meme project and its tokens have the potential to become totally useless.

Base God (including but not limited to associated tokens, NFTs, websites, or marketing materials) is not an licensed, unlicensed or exempted financial or payment service of any kind and in any jurisdiction. Any terminology used on the website or other channels is intended only as a basic reference, without any effective or legal meaning of the same terms in a regulated and/or financial environment. Base God is a fully and completely decentralized and community driven project and does not have owners, shareholders, promoters, marketers, managers, directors or other figures or entities exerting any form of governance; the Base God smart contracts are open-source, permanent and non-modifiable in any way. This website and any Base God marketing materials are not a contract or a contractual agreement of any kind, is not an invitation, solicitation or offer to invest in Base God or acquire or use its TYBG tokens or Base Gods NFT collection in any way and with any expectation of profit in any form. Any user of Base God declares to have received appropriate technical, administrative, regulatory and legal advice before and after accessing and/or reading this website and using any portion or element of Base God (including any TYBG token or Base Gods NFT therein) and accepts that there is an inherent high risk in accessing, acquiring or using any kind of blockchain and/or crypto system, token, platform, software, interface including Base God and further acknowledges with full disclaimer for any community member directly or indirectly involved with Base God, that there can be any kind of damage suffered, including total loss.