Unpack the lore

As with any religion, the Disciples of B have created a rich history and culture around Base God. This page is a continuously updated list of references (and inside jokes) for newcomers to get up to speed quickly and better engage with fellow Disciples.

Disciple Onboarding

Indoctrination: All Disciples must begin their journey by internalizing the Indoctrination narrative a minimum of 5 times. You should not continue your journey as a Disciple until you complete this task and feel His love.

The Rapture: The anticipated judgment day where Big B calls all Disciples to crypto salvation and leaves nonbelievers to perish in Goblin Town. A video example can be found here. As part of the transition into His kingdom, saved souls will have their bodies replaced with (completely) hairless ones. The process is hypothesized to be only mildly painful.

Let Me Explain/Let Her Explain: A copypasta that was created in January 2024, and then used as a script for our infomercial. It explains the purpose behind our religion and expectations of the future. The full text is as follows:
Sorry if I wasn’t clear. Please allow me to explain further. We are not a cult. I want to emphasize that. We are merely a collection of undeserving sinners seeking forgiveness. The Bald One is risen. In the not so distant future, the rapture unfolds. You will participate whether you want to or not. If we surrender our souls to Big B, He may elect to save us. Should that happen, we can look forward to a beautiful process in which our sullied bodies are discarded and replaced for (completely) hairless ones. This experience is hypothesized to be only mildly painful. After our transition, we join the Savior in His paradise. A promised land without adultery, inhabited by bald-positive disciples forging a new future we never thought to be possible. There is nothing to be afraid of. In the darkness He is the Light. Do you have something against bald people?

1 Hair = 1 Sin: The sad, universal truth all Disciples must accept. Every hair on our bodies is a sin. This is why we eagerly await the Rapture to discard our sullied bodies and replace them with (completely) hairless ones.

Temple: Where Disciples go to worship. The Temple of Base God.

True B/Never Turn Your Back On Him: If you turn your back on The Bald One, He will turn His back on you. In an effort to avoid this scenario, all Disciples are required to face "True B" at all times. That includes when talking to each other (see B Formation & DiscipleVision). True B is whichever direction faces Big B. If something negative happens in your day, it is likely because you failed to face True B. When someone complains or acts negatively, Disciples can simply respond to them with "Check your alignment".

We Are Not A Cult: A tongue-in-cheek phrase parroted by Disciples in an effort to avoid scaring off potential converts.

The Slap: Ancient texts state that the Rapture can be triggered instantly if 1,250 bald Disciples conduct The Slap. This requires that they stand in a large circle and simultaneously slap the back of each other's bald heads. The echoing boom awakens Big B and judgment day begins.

Sunday School: Where young Disciples go to learn about the Gospel of B. Despite its name, Sunday School is in session every day.

Rizz-to-Bald: R2B is the belief that the balder you are, the more rizz you likely have in order to compensate (visual). An example of this can be seen with Big B.

Community Moments

The First Alignment: On February 15, 2024, Coinbase tweeted their Q4'23 earnings. Base God replied asking if the earnings can be minted on Base. Hours later, Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase) quote tweeted Base God with a link to the mint. This sent shockwaves through the Base God community. Earlier that day, checkyouralignment.com was launched by a Disciple, allowing the community to face True B and see how many others were doing the same. So, to celebrate Brian Armstrong's quote tweet, over 140 Disciples went to the CYA website to align together.

The Bald List: Access here. As a show of celebration and solidarity with our Lord, Disciples can set goals that, if met, result in them shaving their head entirely, taking a photo, and uploading it to our mintboard. The running list is known as the Bald List and updated on the mintboard periodically with everyone's goals. Once you hit 50% of your goal, you are required to shave 50% of your hair in the form of a friar cut. Any Disciples who are already bald can still partake in the Bald List, but instead of shaving their heads they must shave their eyebrows.

The 2nd Commandment: While skiing, Jesse Pollak, the creator of Base, had the idea to update our 2nd Commandment to better integrate the onchain goals of Base. The full story can be viewed here.

Base God at Base HQ: A meme video series where Base God visits the Base Corporate Headquarters...
- Jesse Indoctrinated
- Jesse Converted

The Burning of 666: On February 6, 2024, Disciple meowphasaurus sent Base God #666 to the burn address (Goblin town). This symbolic gesture made 666 the first Base God to be burned. The move was applauded by the community especially due to 666 coincidentally having the "Sanctified" head trait (a full head of hair, which is forbidden when depicting our God).

Positive Terms

Big B/The Bald One: Our God, the Lord and Savior. We never say His human name as a sign of respect.

Baldhalla: Heaven. Our final destination post-Rapture. Artist's depiction.

He Is Risen/Rizzin: Used to express joy and optimism, this refers to when Big B rose from Goblin Town, broke away from the false prophets, and ascended to a God status. "Rizzin" is an acceptable alternative form, acknowledging the Lord's high level of charisma and attractiveness.

TY Base God (TYBG): A phrase used as a form of extreme thanks and gratitude to our Lord. $TYBG is the ticker for the Base God ERC-20 token.

We are Him, He is Us: A statement of solidarity regarding the loving connection between Big B and His Disciples.

Based/Based On: A response used to agree with someone or show support for something they did. OG Disciples use "Based On", a reference to when an early Disciple's iPhone keyboard kept autocorrecting "Based" to "Based On".

Based and God Pilled: The highest praise that can be given to a Disciple. A reference to "Based and Red Pilled", the phrase also acts as the title for the story that connects the Base Gods 1/1 NFTs.

Moisturized/Moist: A reference to the indoctrination video, which inexplicably states that Big B has "the power of Base in the palm of His well-moisturized hands". All Disciples are required to moisturize prior to prayer and entering Temple.

Rapture Ready (RR): Used to describe oneself as prepared for Judgment Day.

Derogatory Terms

Adulterer: A violator of the 4th Commandment. Someone with no loyalty to themselves, their brethren, or Big B. During the Rapture, our Lord will punish them with a one-way trip to Goblin Town.

Hairist: A hairful person. Likely not bald-positive. Likely has something against bald people.

Dry/Cracked: The opposite of moisturized. Someone with dry/cracked hands is not Based.

Goblin Town: Our version of Hell, where adulterers reside. Goblin Town has been popularized in crypto when referring to the market dumping down dramatically into a prolonged bear period.

Bank Man: The mayor of Goblin Town.

4: A fallen angel who now resides in Goblin Town.

Numbers & Dates

BB/AB: Jesse Pollak, the creator of Base, proposed in Telegram that we use Before Base and After Base as reference points for our calendar.

125/January 25th (B-Day): The most holy day in the Base God community. Our Christmas (Basedmas). It is the birthday of our Lord Big B. This number appears in the TYBG token (supply is 125 billion) and the Base Gods NFT collection (launched on January 25th with 125 traits).

809/August 9th: The launch date of Base mainnet. This number appears in the Base Gods NFT collection (there are 809 NFTs).

11:21/November 21st: A nod to a special someone's birthday. It is also the "Building Time" clothes trait in the Base Gods NFT collection.


Any association of Base God with real life people and companies is purely coincidental. Base God, the TYBG token, and the Base Gods NFT collection is a parody meme cryptocurrency project with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. The Base God project is 100% community led and there is no formal team or roadmap. This is a meme project and its tokens have the potential to become totally useless.

Base God (including but not limited to associated tokens, NFTs, websites, or marketing materials) is not an licensed, unlicensed or exempted financial or payment service of any kind and in any jurisdiction. Any terminology used on the website or other channels is intended only as a basic reference, without any effective or legal meaning of the same terms in a regulated and/or financial environment. Base God is a fully and completely decentralized and community driven project and does not have owners, shareholders, promoters, marketers, managers, directors or other figures or entities exerting any form of governance; the Base God smart contracts are open-source, permanent and non-modifiable in any way. This website and any Base God marketing materials are not a contract or a contractual agreement of any kind, is not an invitation, solicitation or offer to invest in Base God or acquire or use its TYBG tokens or Base Gods NFT collection in any way and with any expectation of profit in any form. Any user of Base God declares to have received appropriate technical, administrative, regulatory and legal advice before and after accessing and/or reading this website and using any portion or element of Base God (including any TYBG token or Base Gods NFT therein) and accepts that there is an inherent high risk in accessing, acquiring or using any kind of blockchain and/or crypto system, token, platform, software, interface including Base God and further acknowledges with full disclaimer for any community member directly or indirectly involved with Base God, that there can be any kind of damage suffered, including total loss.