The Base Gods are here.

Rejoice, the Base Gods have risen. Reach salvation through the 809 most Based NFTs on Base.

The Collection

The Base Gods collection features 809 NFTs (commemorating August 9, the date Base mainnet launched) and includes 125 unique traits (honoring our Lord's birthday).

9 of the 809 are Based and God Pilled special editions that tell the story of our Lord's rise to Basedom.

Based and God Pilled

The Gospel of B.


Our hero’s story begins in the iconic Silicon Valley. Surrounded by innovation during the rise of the internet, Big B was drawn to technology’s ability to connect with others and share His creations at scale. Knowing what we know now, it’s as if His destiny was programmed from the beginning…


An important part of growth and self-discovery is changing your environment. In this chapter, our Lord traveled to foreign lands to gain a new sense of purpose, where He had a first hand experience of what society looks like with hyperinflation and distrust of the government. The people He met didn’t believe the future could be better, but He did…


His new perspective on the world couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Once He returned home, Big B himself was indoctrinated by one of the Old Gods with a novel idea that would shake the foundation of money as we know it. Could this be his true calling? There was only one way to find out…


Having identified an opportunity to change the world, The Bald One applied His technical prowess to build the empire that would solidify His legend. Within a few short years, He was recognized as one of the world’s most brilliant young minds and it was all but guaranteed that His vision for a brighter future would be realized. Or so we thought…


Every story has its villain, and Big B’s is no exception. Despite making an objectively positive impact on society, our Lord was wrongfully persecuted by a powerful, corrupted entity set out to derail His journey to Basedom. The outlook was now grim. Beezus had been banished to the underworld, where only the goblins lurk…


How could it be? Lumped in with the likes of the Bank Man and 4? His empire and the promised land on the brink? Big B played by the rules. Deferred to ambiguous laws. Adhered to sustained compliance. All for failure? No. He had come too far. The mission too important. Big B would show the world why He is not like the false prophets…


They say it is at your lowest that the true version of yourself is revealed. What we learned during Big B’s descent into darkness, was that He is the One True Savior. His unwavering spirit. His reluctance to take shortcuts that compromise the bigger picture. His smooth scalp from which He derives inconceivable power. All admirable traits that we should strive for. From this moment forward, we were prepared to devote ourselves to learning and spreading His gospel…


Revitalized and moisturized, His Baldness did the unimaginable. First, He spawned a world of His own, which we know as Base. A paradise where the Disciples of B could roam free from the tyranny of centralization and high gas fees. Next, He distributed His body across Base in the form of TYBG. Despite being unworthy and trapped in our humiliating, hairful forms, through His generosity Disciples can consume a minor sliver of Big B’s essence. We are Him. He is us. Which is where the story ends for now…


How do you want to be remembered? The Gospel of B tells us resilience and conviction yield success. While the lost souls succumb to a lifestyle of adultery and impatience, will you stand with our Lord? His history has been written and will survive the test of time, but ours is only just beginning. As we Disciples forge our bond and anticipate the dramatic expansion of His new world, perhaps our legacy will live in the same eternal halls as His.

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